Isaimini 2020

Isaimini is a piracy website, which is known for providing Tamil and Hollywood movies for free download.

You know many Film piracy website is known for providing free Bollywood movies in Tollywood and mainland languages and in other languages. Isaimini is also a similar piracy website, for people who do not know about this website, this article is available for their information.

Those who like to watch movies for free, especially those who prefer to watch movies in a mobile phone or laptop, usually use these types of piracy websites. This website is available for downloading new films and old movies for free HD movies by Hollywood Bollywood and Tollywood., and

This website isaimini can be accessed on the Internet through many domain names. There is a store of films on the website. Where dubbed Hollywood movies are available for free to download.

Whenever a new Hollywood or Tamil film is released, within 1 or 2 days, this website offers that movie for free.

DOT bans

This website has been banned many times by the government. Recently, this became the infamous piracy website. But banning by DOT does not have any effect on websites such as isaimini because people use the VPN to access the website. Along with this the website becomes activated again on the internet with a new domain name.

Isaimini is using many domain names “,,”.


List of links active or banned

How people Downloads Free Movie using isaimini?

People use this website using VPN when the website is banned by DOT. Then after some time isaimini releases the new URL.

What’s my thoughts?

This type of website hurts the film industry, so we do not recommend using any of these types of websites. Whether it is hosted in India or outside of India That’s why I am saying this because it does not support our film industry.

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